A snake to scare mom

I recently got a letter back from a Santa at Quail Springs Mall in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  What makes Santa want to be Santa? In this case, Santa had good experiences himself as a child, and he wanted to continue them:

“It was my way of giving back to the children and making the Santa experience a great one. I wanted the children to be treated as well as I was when I was a child.”

As for the perks:

Getting involved with families, seeing the positives of what’s going on in the city, and being a part of the Christmas experience.

I was surprised at the downsides to being Santa. I never thought about how some children are treated unfairly:

Seeing children that you wish more could happen for them, ones that are mistreated or treated unfairly; observing unhealthy things- some children I see pass away within the same year.

The most interesting part of being Santa:

How much children will tell you, how intimate the secrets they tell me are, and there is no greater moment than the one when a child hugs you and tells you they love you.

The Santa told me a couple things children asked him for. This was heartwarming:

 A child asked me to bring back his father who had died in the war in Iraq so his mom would smile again.

And this was amusing:

A little girl that wanted a little brother asked if I could help her mother and father and explained they really needed help because she’d been asking for a long time. When I looked up at the father he knew what she had asked for.

This was probably the highlight of the letter:

I got asked for a snake (a big one) so his mom would stop coming in his room- she’s scared of snakes.

What an evil child! He must have been taking away from Santa’s magic, because Santa says he maintains his magic throughout the entire season by

the thrill of being with children and realizing it’s the one time of the hte year most of us try to be nice to one another.

But in the end, the best part of his job is joy and happiness:

The amount of people that come back to see me year after year- it’s not only the joy of seeing them again, it’s the joy of realizing I continually am a part of celebrating Christmas with them.

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