Being Santa in Hampton Roads, VA

I really enjoyed reading this letter from Santa Tate in Hampton Roads, Virginia. It’s interesting to hear the different gigs Santas do:

Hi Noah,

Santa Tate here. I am a new Santa (3rd year) so not much experience to help you with, but maybe a newbie’s view might be of interest to you?

I have thought about being Santa for some 50+ years, but never really got the chance – you know, trying to make a living for my family and future. I did perform as Snow Bear at Thallhimers in Richmond, VA. (they didn’t have a Santa) back in 1968-69 while I was teaching in Petersburg, Va (just below Richmond) and I loved it.

I retired in 2006 and worked at Busch Gardens for 2 years as a Guest Ambassador where I helped families, especially with kids. I would I make sure that the entire family got into the picture when I would see dad or mom taking their family pictures. I have a zillion pictures of my family everywhere we went – all of them without me in them and I didn’t want anyone else to know the feeling I get when ever I look at my family pictures.

I contacted the employment at Busch Gardens office a couple of times about trying out for Santa but I really didn’t want to wear a false beard and hair.

Well year before last, my beard turned White, so I let it grow and bought a Santa suit and did some freebees for friends and neighbors. The next year I got a paid gig at The NorVa night club, in Norfolk, Va, Dec 2012.

I was really surprised to find that the young men would approach me and want their pictures with me as much as the young ladies. My wife is Mrs. Claus in the pictures. She helps me sometimes, like Toys for Tots.


Yes, the beard is real!

This year I joined

  • Hampton Peninsula Santas
  • Virginia Santas
  • International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santa (IBRBS),
  • ClausNet

I got Background Checked and Insured so I could work at Bass Pro this year – I got eight days paid gig in November and December.

I also got a (volunteer) gig with Tots for Tots at Busch Gardens and just tonight got a paid gig with Bed Crafters in Williamsburg for two days in Dec.

And now I am available for Parties, Events, Outings, Special, Home; Adult and/or Children events.

I talk to children all the time and wear a Santa hat with red suspenders and pass out candy canes to passing children (clearing it with their parents first) and anyone who is kind to me, you know open a door for me, or recognize me as Santa (mostly the old folks).

While I don’t have a great child’s wish, I do get a lot of Children’s smiles when they see me and point at me and say, look mommy, its Santa Claus. Or a car will pass by and then slow down real quick and as I catch up to see I’ll see a child waving at me grinning from ear to ear.

I try to keep the Christmas spirit through Santa’s image and am very careful when children ask me if I am the real Santa. I try to say that I am the spirit of Santa as are many Santas they may see around and this usually satisfies them. They really are not looking details of Santa, they just want to believe in the spirit of Santa and it seams to satisfy most of the parents as well.

Hope this has been of some use for your project.

Santa Tate and Mrs. Claus


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My first post! About me, this blog…

Hello, and welcome to the Santa Claus Project! I’m Noah, a high school student who loves every aspect of Christmas.

Three years ago, my family visited Santa at a local mall. Afterwords, I asked my mom, “do you think that Santa likes his job?”

We, (my family) had agreed that each of the “Santas” at all the malls nationwide are really “Santa’s helpers” and they report back to the real Santa at the North Pole. In response to my question, my mom suggested that we write letters to the Santas.

That year, we sent about four or five letters to different malls in the Washington, D.C. area. We asked the Santas questions like, “What is the best part of your job?” and, “What is the best part about being Santa?”

We only got one reply back (it appeared to be from one of the “elves” that take photos). Just last month, I found that letter and remembered how much fun I had with the project, so I’ve decided to do it again!

This blog chronicles my letters and responses as well as other Christmas-related experiences.

Last week, I mailed 42 letters via postal service to different malls around the USA and abroad. I also emailed a few different Santa organizations. Each letter had different questions for Santa, including:

  • Why did you chose to be Santa?
  • What are some pros and cons to being Santa, and why?
  • What is the most interesting part of being Santa?
  • What was the most memorable, most interesting, and most amusing thing a child has asked you for?
  • Do you have any specific Christmas- related traditions in your town?
  • How do you maintain the magic of being Santa throughout the entire Christmas season?
  • What are some of your best memories as Santa?
  • What to you say to children when they ask you questions like, “How do you deliver the toys so fast?” and, “How do you fit down the chimney?”

I hope to receive a lot of responses back!

Each week, I’ll share a new letter, email, or other Christmas- related post or experience on this blog. Subscribe to our emails and get the posts in your inbox!

Until next time, Merry Christmas!